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Every child has a learning spot. The learning spot is formed, like a pearl, around a foundation of success. Finding the learning spot in each child is an art, but also a skill that can be developed over time. We've collected some resources in our staff development bookstore that will help you find that spot. The items are staples for any teacher's professional library and will help you with:

Finding the Learning Spot

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The Michigan Merit Examination (MME) assesses students in grade 11 and eligible students in grade 12 based on Michigan high school standards. 

It is administered each March, and consists of three components:

Frequently asked questions:

Tell me more about Common Core Standards: http://www.core-standards.org
I'm just struggling with basic classroom management issues. Help!
Where can I find old test questions for practice?

I need a rubric for the 4th Grade essays. A good Writing Prompt rubric is found here.

I am looking for free worksheets. We have our own worksheets here. Or we also really like this site for lesson plans and worksheets in Math.
I am looking for 5th grade paragraph examples for each score on the rubric. We think you'll like the examples on this site. (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.)
I'd like to see some 5th Grade writing samples. Here's a 5th Grade English Language Arts site you might find useful. Our favorite writing site with anchors for all grade levels.
I'd like some 5th Grade Math and Spelling tests and worksheets. Here's a site we like for 5th Grade Teachers.
I'd like to see 9th Grade tests. Archived tests can be found here.
I'm looking for Third Grade Reading Worksheets. Try here.
9th grade English Prompts. Here's a site we like with writing prompts.
Grammar lesson sheets.
I'm looking for reading strategies. Find info on teaching reading strategies here.
I'm looking for a math problem solving checklist. We've prepared one for fourth grade here.
I'm looking for formula organizers. Here's a site that organizes formulas into tables.
I'm looking for context clues for third grade reading. Click here for cloze 3rd grade. More Cloze.

FAQ: How do I get certified/recertified to be a teacher?


Online Resources:


Information About Teacher Licensure and Recertification. If you are currently not a certified teacher and wish to know how you can become certified, you can visit the Michigan Dept. of Education website here:


Recommended reading for teachers.

Learn to use data to drive instruction


Interactive Writing Prompt Rubric: use online or print it out for student notebooks.


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Common Core State Standards; http://www.core-standards.org


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